Club Live Timing enables clubs that subscribe to the Club Live Timing Network to distribute times and announcements to any device running the Club Live Timing app, almost instantaneously. Perfect for getting timing results out to competitors or spectators of club events when they need it.

End users receive the updates on their devices as soon as a result or announcement is recorded, and they can then sort the results by swiping left or right on the Results tab.

The Internet based distribution also means that not only can competitors and spectators receive the immediate updates while they are at the event, they could be located anywhere in the world and still receive the live results and announcements as they happen.

Subscribing clubs can also cross promote their announcements or events within other clubs, as the end users can choose to view updates from all clubs subscribed to the Club Live Timing Network, as well as their own club.

The full version of Club Live Timing does not contain advertisements, and adds the following functionality:

- Past events from clubs can be selected and viewed
- Selecting individual results displays a summary of the competitor’s results
- More configurable settings available

Included with each club subscription is usage of custom built server side software and flexible solutions for publishing announcements and results, such as non invasive background services and intuitive user interfaces.

If your club is not selectable from within the Club Live Timing app, please encourage your club to sign up and subscribe to the Club Live Timing Network.

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