Club Live Timing Subscription

The Club Live Timing apps are designed to be generic across all clubs that subscribe to the Club Live Timing Network. This means that if a club is subscribed, competitors and spectators using the apps can expect the apps to function identically, no matter which club they have selected as their current club.

When a club expresses interest in subscribing to the Club Live Timing Network, staff of Dekker Volksstam Autosports will engage in feasibility study to determine the most efficient and non-intrusive method of uploading the clubs times to the Club Live Timing server software. We will attend some of the events planned to use the Club Live Timing system, and propose time data uploading implementations. These may range from seamless integration with the clubs existing computer based timing system (as implemented at the Ballarat Light Car Club), to providing a custom web-based time entry user interface if the clubs are using devices such as stopwatches, and anything in between. Our aim will be to implement software that makes the least impression on the clubs current time keeping workflow. Once the system is implemented, an ongoing fee is charged to the club per event that they use the Club Live Timing system.

Please contact us or email to express interest in becoming a member of the Club Live Timing Network, or for any further details.